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Sam’s Club in Turnersville NJ

Sept. 9, 2014

I needed 4 tires for my van and a new bed, so my husband and I decided to visit Sam’s Club. I was at the store by 9:30 am, on a Saturday, and was told the tires would take about an hour, so I went shopping for a bed.

I found that the some of the pricing signs seemed misleading, as they were attached to a sample bed which was not what any of the price signs were for (It was a much more expensive set!).

Also, I needed assistance with the mattresses, but I had to go all the way around the store to finally find an employee at the front, and I was promised she would send someone, so I went back to the beds and waited around 10 minutes. Nobody showed up, so this time I called the store from my cell phone, and again was promised help, but after another 10 minutes, I gave up and went back to the tire dept. to wait for my car. The bed I wanted was over $600, so that sale was lost for your store.

Then was waiting in a short line of 3 people at the tire counter. (It took them around 20 minutes to just take care of 1 problem, with a manager being called. I don’t understand why that issue was not handled at customer service!) I finally got the attention of someone, only to find out my van was still not ready, after well over the 1 hour time I was told it would take.

My husband was hungry, so we got 2 “all white meat chicken” sandwiches, which were some sort of patty made from what seemed to be TVP. If there was any chicken meat in it, it was ground up way past any recognition, the particles were about cornmeal size, if that big. I don’t for a moment believe that it was all chicken, (maybe all the meat in it  was white meat, which I would estimate around 1% of total content?), as chicken is not soft and spongy like that tiny patty was.

I sat near the tire counter for another long while before going up and asking again, when I was told it was almost done. When it was finally done, after about 2 hours from when I left my keys, I was also notified that my request to have one of the old tires put on my spare rim (at extra cost of course!) was not done, because the tech “could not get the spare out”. I wonder now if my tires will not fall off soon, shouldn’t they know how to get the spare off of any vehicle, if they do nothing but tires????

So then I had to go wait in another line at customer service for a refund of the extra charge, which took almost another half hour. I really could not believe all of the cheapness, disorganization, and lack of customer service at this store!!!

I hope this message gets to the manager of the Turnersville NJ store, and he or she realizes that in saving a little money on employees’ wages and cheap food-like substances being sold as food, he or she is losing sales and current and future customers.

This is partly due to the fact that I have been telling everyone about all this waste of my time and ranted about it on my blog. I work 6 days a week at 2 jobs, one being my own business, and I don’t have time to waste like that!!! It’s really too bad, because I now don’t plan to visit your store anymore…BJ’s Club, here I come! Oh, and by the way, a copy of this is being sent to corporate headquarters, not that I think they will do anything about it, but just sayin’….

UPDATE Jan 14, 2015

Well, I had to go back (first time since the tires were put on the van), because of the warranty on the tires, which I needed to use as one of the tires had developed a slow leak. Turns out it was the tire stem, which had corroded, (ALREADY??? REALLY??? AFTER LESS THAN 4 MONTHS???) Let’s see how soon I have to go back…At least I didn’t have to pay anything this time…

Most Wanted: Pain Is Good – Habanero Sauce

This is the best hot sauce my husband ever tried! He raves about it and shares it with anyone who comes to eat with us! And believe me, he has quite a collection of bottles of hot sauce…

We originally bought it at Marshall’s, but when we went back to get more, they didn’t have it anymore…so I got the bottle and looked it up online.

Turns out it IS sold online, by the company that makes it, and their website is

Besides the Habanero sauce (and the Chilpotle version, which we will be trying next) in the brand “Most Wanted: Pain Is Good”, they offer many other brands, some of them which have a sauce that is $40 a bottle, and has 1.5 million on the scoville chart. We’ll be trying that one soon…