Monro Muffler Brake – My first Rant! (not paid for this either!)

Oh, of course he offered to take around $1,800 - $2,000 off my hands ... You may have to click on the pictures to make them bigger to see the texter and smoker...

Leaning on my vehicle and texting, is this what we pay $100+ per hour for?
Leaning on my vehicle and texting, is this what we pay $100+ per hour for?

See the mechanic in the middle of the picture, texting while leaning on my vehicle? Is this what we pay $100+ per hour for???

Well, here’s the story: My brakes were making a horrible grinding noise, and I did not want to drive any more until they were fixed, so I stopped at 2 places near home to get it done. The first two places said they were booked, but the third said they could do it. When I thanked him for taking me today and had been to 2 other places, the (this was his last day working here) manager said he would do anything to get the sale… That should have been my warning….DUH! It was about 10:30 am.

They checked the vehicle and said the caliper froze up and there was a fluid leak in the rear brakes. They would have to change both front calipers, rear wheel cylinders and the lines that were dry-rotted. That was all I was told was bad.

I got a nice sticker shock though: at first he said it was over $800. When he saw my face, which had to look like a deer in the headlights, he said he forgot something and the price went down about $100.

I was still shocked, and I said something like: Is that how you operate? Give a high price, then apply some discounts and act like you are giving the customer a better deal? He answered mumbling something, but I couldn’t hear, I was walking out the door crying already. It was just too much! It takes me almost 2 weeks to make that much money at my job, even working overtime, which I ended up losing that day, thanks to their incompetence…

He told my husband it would be ready by 4pm, so we left it there, and I came back around 3. That’s when I snapped this picture. Guess they didn’t see me come in…

Leaning on my vehicle and texting, is this what we pay $100+ per hour for?

Leaning on my vehicle and texting, is this what we pay $100+ per hour for?

Later on, I caught this image:

Smoking a cigarette with one hand, the other in my brakes!

Smoking a cigarette with one hand, the other in my brakes!

Well, I sat there and sat there, but they just walked by me multiple times and said not one word to me, except when I asked the manager if they were supposed to be smoking around brake fluid and gasoline. He said he didn’t think it was dangerous, but that he would ask them to stop. Still no word about the vehicle though…

Finally, at around 6:30 they were getting ready to close up at 7 pm, and I see them making desperate phone calls looking for parts… Wanna guess? “They sent us the wrong parts.” HUH????

They finally did find the parts, but not deliverable until the next morning. They did offer and give me a ride home…

So I call on Sunday around 11 am to find out what is happening…(why didn’t they call me and at least let me know they had the parts in? IDK) They tell me they should be done soon… I had a ride at 1:30 or not at all, so I arrived just before 2 pm, to sit again without being told anything.

Finally after 4 pm, they took my money and I started driving home, but…the brakes are making a whooshing sound and going down more than halfway (air in the line maybe????), plus the vehicle now pulls very hard to the right when I apply the brakes (which I had never felt before in this vehicle). So I drove back around the corner and tell the mechanic, who said “the brakes are not broken in yet”… Wow, he must think I was born yesterday….And oh, wait for it, it gets even better!

He left me sitting again for 3 hours while he finished all the other jobs he had there, so he could collect payment for them, before even looking at my vehicle…Then still tells me basically the same thing, and that I would have to bring it back another day early in the morning so they would have time to check it…

So, I take it back, and the new manager said he was certified with Ford (which my vehicle is) and checked it out. Now, remember, it was the brakes I was complaining about. I told him what I told the mechanic after he finished working on it, and also that there was a rumbling when I applied the brakes that I noticed right after leaving the last time.

After about 5 minutes, this new manager came and got me and my husband, and said, I don’t know what details Ted (the former manager) told you about your suspension system. I replied that he had about nothing but the brakes to me. He said “Come with me, I want to show you” what is causing the rumbling. He also said “I don’t want to scare you, but….”, then went on to explain how loose the upper and lower ball joints are, wiggled the front tires to show us, and how we could “end up in a ditch” if we hit a bump hard. He also said he did not feel comfortable doing anything, even checking the brakes, until the ball joints were replaced. Oh, of course he offered to take around $1,800 – $2,000 off my hands and fix them himself….Hmmmm, yeah, I think I’ll take you up on that offer….NOT!!!!!!!

So, now I am looking for someone honest to help me out with the ball joints….any offers out there?

Update, I got the ball joints done for $500…

Thanks for reading this!

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