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Liquid Web, My First Rave! (No, I am not paid for this!)

Since I was sick and tired of slow loading webpages, waiting more than a half hour for chat/phone support, vague answers to my concerns, and customer service agents who take at least 3 minutes to answer you in chat (either they are using a translator or had too many chats going), I decided to do some serious checking out of my next hosting company.

I stumbled upon Liquid Web, and I have to say, they are great! Chat answers within 30 seconds, they answer your questions even faster, (which indicates that they do not speak English as a Second Language) and actually seem to know what they are doing.

They OWN, not RENT all the servers too, which are located in centers across the US and worldwide. They also don’t overload the servers with too many hosting accounts/sites, so they don’t take 10 seconds or more before STARTING to load, like one of my former hosting places that I shall not mention in this post (I don’t promise not to mention them elsewhere 😉 ).

ps: My only peeve with Liquid Web is that they made changes to my account instead of letting me know what to do. I do like to learn to do things all by myself!