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Cielito Lindo Restaurant Vineland, NJ

I have mixed feelings for this place, as I have visited many times.

The décor is nice, the food is excellent, but the service that used to be wonderful is now lacking.  On my last visit on a Saturday evening, as well as the prior one, the wait for food was well over 30 minutes, even though the place was almost empty, only 1 or 2 other tables occupied besides ours. That small of a crowd is rather strange for a Saturday after 7pm if you ask me.

On the last visit, 2 days ago, the temperature in the restaurant was about 10 degrees higher than outside, which was fairly warm at 70+ degrees. I noticed that no air conditioning was on.  I also noticed the vents in the ceiling, but I was told by the one employee we saw the whole time we were there that they did not have AC.

The menu has many culinary delights, but, alas, no desserts or fruit or even salads are listed. I ended up eating the Chile Relleno, which, to my surprise, had not a drop of any sauce anywhere on the plate, only a drizzle of sour cream. It was very tasty, but not overly greasy (just a bit) from the frying oil.  It also was not too spicy, which is always a plus for me!

I do have to rave about their Horchata beverage, it is in a huge round cup on a pedestal, I believe they are also used for margarita drinks, but this place does not serve alcohol.  The price is not bad, at $2.50, but I think that is part of the racket they have running, that you get so thirsty from the heat that you have to have more than one full glass of something to drink.

I think with a little more staff, fix the AC and some advertising this would be a great little restaurant!

Just sayin’

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Most Wanted: Pain Is Good – Habanero Sauce

This is the best hot sauce my husband ever tried! He raves about it and shares it with anyone who comes to eat with us! And believe me, he has quite a collection of bottles of hot sauce…

We originally bought it at Marshall’s, but when we went back to get more, they didn’t have it anymore…so I got the bottle and looked it up online.

Turns out it IS sold online, by the company that makes it, and their website is

Besides the Habanero sauce (and the Chilpotle version, which we will be trying next) in the brand “Most Wanted: Pain Is Good”, they offer many other brands, some of them which have a sauce that is $40 a bottle, and has 1.5 million on the scoville chart. We’ll be trying that one soon…



Liquid Web, My First Rave! (No, I am not paid for this!)

Since I was sick and tired of slow loading webpages, waiting more than a half hour for chat/phone support, vague answers to my concerns, and customer service agents who take at least 3 minutes to answer you in chat (either they are using a translator or had too many chats going), I decided to do some serious checking out of my next hosting company.

I stumbled upon Liquid Web, and I have to say, they are great! Chat answers within 30 seconds, they answer your questions even faster, (which indicates that they do not speak English as a Second Language) and actually seem to know what they are doing.

They OWN, not RENT all the servers too, which are located in centers across the US and worldwide. They also don’t overload the servers with too many hosting accounts/sites, so they don’t take 10 seconds or more before STARTING to load, like one of my former hosting places that I shall not mention in this post (I don’t promise not to mention them elsewhere 😉 ).

ps: My only peeve with Liquid Web is that they made changes to my account instead of letting me know what to do. I do like to learn to do things all by myself!